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All About : Guns N Roses

The Story
All About : Guns N Roses. The group was founded in March of 1985 from William the Roses, Guns Thracian, Izzy Stradlin' , Ole Beich and Rob Gardner. The original members came from two groups, the L.A. Guns (then reformed) and Hollywood Roses, and took thus the name dall' union of these From Hollywood Roses voice) and Izzy Stradlin came Axl Roses ((rythm guitar), its friend d' infancy, and from the L.A. Guns solo guitar), Ole Beich (low) and Rob Gardner came Thracian Guns ((battery).

They exhibited 26 March 1985 for the first time. Ole Beich, originally in the L.A. Guns, left the group quickly and then was replaced from Duff McKagan, than debuts you open them to the premises " City" radius; to Anaheim (California).

In that same month it left also the drummer Rob Gardner, coming from the same one band d' origin of Beich, that date with a drummer not credited was replaced for some. Little after also the chitarrista Thracian Guns it abandoned the group in order to reform the L.A. Guns together to Gardner, coming replaced from Slash, and meantime arrived the new drummer Steven Adler, coming like McKagan and Slash from the Road Crew. The two new the 6 esordirono members june 1985 to the " Troubadour" of Hollywood, and the band it catches up thus l' order that l' it would have capacity to the happened one. After difficult tour along the road for Seattle (Washington) and others two dates nell' Oregon, the Guns returned to Los Angeles settling down itself in a small renamed warehouse " Hellhouse" , playing, carrying out occasional intense activities and continuing the concerts in the zone. Like other groups that turned for the premises of Hollywood, the Guns was between first diffusing the style sleaze metal. Tom Zutaut of the Geffen Records, astonished from their exhibition to the " Troubadour" , diffuse in turn the false news that " they made schifo" for having more time and means for scritturarli. The band it received thus an advance payment of 75 000 dollars from the manager, which but discovered that Axl had already promised to sign a contract with l' concurrent label Chrysalis, on condition that l' agent who l' he had contacted " knot for Sunset Boulevard" had walked;. Zutaut had to remain to the window of its office on the Sunset, to nervously watch the road, in order very three days before succeeding to close l' agreement with the group. Their first manager divenne Alan Niven, than would have helped then them to record Appetite for Destruction. Thanks to this contracted, the Guns autoproducer in the 1986 l' EP Live! *@ Like to Suicide, under l' label UZI Suicide, created ad hoc from the Geffen but off board recognized. Circulated in sun 10,000 copies, Live! *@ Like to Suicide had l' aspect and the sonorità of live egg whites, but in reality had been recorded in study.

New formation and new plans

Very soon they began to turn voices on the probable escape of new egg whites, still with Mike Clink to the console and already in working from 1994. In the 1998 Axl it returned on the scenes with the two new guitarist Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails) and Paul Tobias, the bassist Tommy Stinson (The Replacements), the drummer Josh Freese (The Vandals), Dizzy Reed and l' assigned to the samplings Chris Pittman. L' following year the Guns recorded " Oh My God" , for the sonorous column of Days counted, with the collaboration of Dave Navarro and Gary Sunshine, master of guitar of Axl. The Geffen releases also Live Era 87-93. Little after Robin Finck it returned in tour with Nine Inch Nails, leaving the band. In 2000 it was replaced from Buckethead, while to the place of the drummer Josh Freese Bryan Mantia (in the Primus entered already). Finck returned at the end in the band of 2000, like guitarist second, and the new formation played in January of 2001 to two concerts, one to Las Vegas and one to River de Janeiro, in Brasi them (to festival the Rock in River): in the two exhibitions they played or old pieces that new pieces that would be entrances in new the egg whites. In that period it began also the recording dell' egg whites Chinese Democracy , whose publication has been from then sent back numerous times. In 2002 Paul Tobias it was replaced from Richard Fortus (The Psychedelic Furs, Love Spit Love), and to August they supported some concerts in Asia and Europe. Axl Roses was also between the presentation to MTV Video Music Awards of 2002, and in the same year the Chinese Democracy Tour left. In the 2003 Appetite for Destruction it entered in the list of the 500 better egg whites second Rolling Stone, to number 61. In March of the 2004 Buckethead it left the band, that therefore it was forced not to participate to the Rock in River, and in the same period exited the Greatest Hits of the group. Little after the review Rolling Stone it inserted the Guns N' Roses in its list of the 100 better artists than always, to the number 92. In 2004, the Cleopatra Records marketed l' egg whites The Roots of Guns N' Roses. It contains the first recordings of Hollywood Roses, between which also some piece resumed then from the Guns. In that Axl period Roses, Slash and Duff McKagan they made cause all' label in order to prevent the release dell' egg whites, above all because in the title it " Hollywood Roses: The Roots of Guns N' Roses" the name of the group appeared. In the month of November of 2004 and you open them 2005, the court reacted in favor of the Cleopatra and against Roses. In order to conclude, in May, the judge Gary Allen Feess, of the district of California, received from the Cleopatra Records the demand for a compensation of 24.176, 38 dollars. In the February of 2006, the demo of " Better" , " Catcher In The Rye" , " I.R.S." and " There Was to Time" they were diffuse illegally on Internet, by means of fansite of the group. Although that the representatives d' label of the Guns had demanded the cancellation of witnesses and mp3 of those pieces, many radio stations transmitted deliberately " I.R.S." , and to February end the song arrived 49esima on Radius & Records - first leak in net to enter in one it classifies. This has reinforced in some fans l' idea dell' imminent publication of Chinese Democracy.

The Guns N' Roses has participated to some important festival European and has supported several concerts in the old continent, during l' summer of 2006. The tour, that May and finished to the 31 is begun to Madrid 25 London July, it has offered show to beyond 700.000 persons in 32 dates that 18 countries have touched, making some one of tour the more important dell' year and of the continent. In the same year the group has played from the alive one also in the USA (New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Saint Francisco), and Axl of new has introduced some prizes to MTV Video Music Awards. To New York the new guitarist Bumblefoot has toed make one's debut, while to Saint Francisco Frank Ferrer has been based on drums, substitute of Bryan Mantia, than currently it is in pause and dedication to the wife and the baby daughter. During last the MTV Video Music Awards of 2006, Axl has supported that l' egg whites would have had to exit just in quell' year and 21 the more concrete date was considered November, after the premiazione of Nascar end. To follow there would be due to be also a new one spot of Harley-Davidson with the song " Better", that it had to anticipate the publication of the single one, but the version of the spot with the new hit has not been released if not in informal way. In the official version, " Better" it is replaced from " Paradise City". 3 February 2007 has exited the DVD Live in Chicago. L' 8 February the Guns has been exhibited to the Rodeo Drive' s Walk of Style to Beverly Hills, ceremony in honor of celebrates designers Gianni and Donatella Versace, playing " Knockin' on Heaven' s Door" and " Sweet Child O' Mine" with Chris Pittman to the low. Two days after have announced the reopening for 2007 of the Chinese Democracy Tour. 23 February Of the James, new manager of the Guns N' Roses after the lay-off of Merck Mercuriadis, has reported that the recording of Chinese Democracy has been completed and that now the group is passing the songs to the mix, thus refuting the voices second which the date of escape dell' 6 egg whites were March. The 2 you open them the guitarist Bumblefoot has announced to have completed the mixaggio dell' egg whites, but have not known how many will be the traces neither which it will be the list of the same ones. Later on they have been supported other concerts of the Chinese Democracy Tour in Japan, Thailand, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Australia and New Zeland, without the drummer Bryan Mantia, than currently not sound more in the Guns. 4 May they have been diffuse others three leak illegal from Chinese Democracy, the title track, " The Blues (Street of Dreams) " and a new version of " I.R.S." , all songs that the Guns have played already from the alive one. A situated member of fan, than is made to call with the nick " Mister Saint Laurent" , it has admitted of being be to diffuse the three recent leak. In the september of the 2007 Sebastian Bach, former singer of the Skid Row, has declared that Axl has duet with he on two pieces of its new egg whites solo, Angel Down. Draft of what it will be first the single one, " (Love Is) To Bitchslap" , and on a cover of the Aerosmith, " Back In The Saddle". Successively, the same Bach has asserted that the pieces in which is present Axl could be three, as then confirmed from the same one on the official site of the band. The third piece is " Stuck Inside". 7 January 2008, an anonymous person singer of Chicago has played with the tasted Dizzy Reed to the Double Doo at Chicago. At the end for the session it has asked information on Chinese Democracy and Dizzy has confirmed that l' egg whites are ended and have been delivered to the Geffen for the publication. The same news was anticipated also from the famous DJ American Eddie friendly Trunk let alone of Axl Roses, publishing on its site the same information.

After summer the voices of an agreement of the management are made more and more insistent of the Guns N' Roses with the chain of stores Best Buy for the distribution in exclusive right on the territory American of Chinese Democracy. Towards half October on the site of the Best Buy it comes published the page of pre-order of the disc, than law available in two it will have been covered some various ones, in format CD and vinile. They appear also tracklist and the " A" version; of the cover. Later on, the relative information to the second cover disappear but, news very more important, 22 October l' escape of Chinese Democracy is confirmed officially for 23 November from the responsibles of the Best Buy and management of the group . The same first day the single one, that it turns out to be the title track, enters in spin in the radius. The single ones extracted up to now are three: Chinese Democracy, Better and to February 2009 Street of Dreams. Moreover, l' Italy has been one of the first countries of the world to listen to the new version of Chinese Democracy, being be made official the date d' escape dell' 21 egg whites to November, 2 days before the United States. In the successive weeks all' escape of Chinese Democracy Axl is mysteriously disappeared from the circulation, without to promote l' egg whites. Quickly the speculations from fan the care have left a possible one reunion, given also from the probable destiny of the Velvet Revolver. Interpellaty the former Guns, nobody has denied the possibility of a reunion of the Guns N Roses that give birth Appetite for Destruction. In spite of the news much online is circulated, Irving Azoof, Co-manager of Guns n' Roses, has refuted the voices that would want Axl Roses in procinto re-uniting the formation originate them of the band for a tour world-wide. Here what has reported Azooff to the microphones of an American radius: " Not there are plans of reunion, neither the old band members have discussed on the possibility to return with on the theater box. I hope that the average tries to inquire itself better in future, so as to goodness knows not to allow the false history circulation for trarne which profit. Axl has then answered directly to the fans in some forum on Internet. Roses have declared that always it has thought next to Chinese Democracy like egg whites double, and have even listed to the titles them of some songs that could be present in an eventual Chinese Democracy II. Between the pieces they would be included Silkworms, piece that the Guns N' Roses has played from the alive one in 2001, and other songs like Atlas Shrugged, Not Love Remains, The General, Jackie Chan, Seven and Berlin. Probably Izzy Stradlin will collaborate in some pieces, in spite of that Axl Roses has confirmed in un' interview to Billboard that a reunion with old linens-up of the Guns would be unattainable, in particular the relationships with Slash somewhat are deteriotated. It seems that instead with Duff McKagan and over cited Izzy the relationships have been recovered, a lot that with quest' last they would have been recorded some you leave of the new fans egg whites. However Izzy will not make part of linens-up future of the Guns N' Roses, strengthened hypothesis the most recent arrival of Dj Ashba. Indeed, 21 March 2009, Axl Roses has proclamation through an official notice that Robin Finck leaves the band momentarily, in order to follow its Nine Inch Nails. It takes its place Dj Ashba, guitarist that has collaborated with Motley Crue, and that ago part of the Sixx: Am di Nikki Sixx. This change in linens-up of the Guns N' Roses has been carried out in forecast of a possible one tour that the band it is preparing. After l' summer, the voices of departure of the tour are intensified. In particular, one speaks about four possible Asian stages and thirteen Canadian concerts. Nothing is confirmed neither refuted from the site official, whose last modernization laughed them to March. Lately they have been made official from the Myspace and the Facebook page of the band. For those who liked Guns' & Roses song's you can get chord and lyrics Don't Cry at this link.


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  3. Rock music will never die, their songs are my inspiration, I lead living under the roar of guitars and their ferocious sound. They were my idol since junior high, why did they disband? Everyone must know what the cause, I just want the old format back, but when it will happen?